RedCon1 Total War Reviews

RedCon1 made a name for itself quickly when it first launched just a few years ago and they continue to produce top quality products including the pre-workout supplement Total War.

RedCon1 Total War is a supplement that comes in a variety of flavors and offers a formula most folks are really impressed with.

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If you’re good with a medium dose of caffeine this might be a good pre-workout supplement for you. If you prefer fewer stimulants in your pre-workout supplements, this might not be your ideal solution.

What Exactly is RedCon1 Total War Pre-Workout?

With pre-workout supplements there is a wide variety of options. This clearly falls on the heavier side as far as stimulants go but that’s not all you’re getting.

You can notice it offers some of the benefits of boosting nitric oxide with the ingredients while it also fuels your workouts with some unique ingredients.

What are the Ingredients in RedCon1 Total War Pre-Workout?

The mix of ingredients includes the following:

Citrulline Malate – This offers great support for boosting nitric oxide.

Beta-Alanine – Offers energy support for your workouts and promotes endurance.

Agmatine Sulfate – Derived from L-arginine, this also help promote nitric oxide production.

Taurine – This amino acids helps during protein synthesis.

Caffeine Anhydrous – In many different forms, caffeine helps promote energy.

AMPiberry – this is a juniper berry extract that reduces the appetite and helps reduce joint and muscle pain.

Infinergy – This trademarked form of caffeine helps promote energy.

Cocoteanol – This unique ingredient is another vasodilator that helps expand the blood vessels to improve oxygen and nutrient delivery.

Naringin – This is a grape seed extract that helps boost metabolic activity to boost energy and promote fat burning.

How Do You Use RedCon1 Total War Pre-Workout?

You can use RedCon1 Total War by mixing a scoop with water about 30 minutes before a workout. The company also suggests cycling the product by taking it for 12 weeks and then taking 4 weeks off.

Overall Recommendation on RedCon1 Total War Pre-Workout

A lot of people love their results with Total War and it is for good reason. You get a solid pre-workout formula with RedCon1 Total War that does improve your energy levels and support your workouts. Taking this should help you feel more energized and provide increased support for your endurance.

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